Our flat repair services covers full size footballs, including white panel, Wilson, Rawlings, Baden, Spalding and Nike. 

You can rest assured that your football, autographed or painted, will be handled with great care and professionalism.

Our service includes replacing the bladder and re-lacing your football with white laces.

  • $43 Non-Autographed
  • $50 Autographed

WARNING: Do not try to fix your flat football with a "fix-a-flat" type of product. This will not work. Most bladders dry out and crack over time and "fix-a-flat" does not work.

We will add an extra service charge for the repair to footballs injected with any “fix-a-flat" product.

You are responsible for packaging your football. We strongly suggest that you wrap your football in tissue or paper towel and place in a plastic bag inside a box.

If you are sending more than one ball, please do not pack them tightly against each other as they can rub and smear.


Game Day Authenticated
C/O Flat Repair
1864 Tesoro Ct
Pinole CA 94564

Please allow 10-15 working days for the repair after the receipt of your football(s).

We ship via USPS or UPS and you will receive tracking information when it ships as long as you provide us your email address.

Please feel free to contact us at info@gdauthenticated.com for pricing with any questions or concerns you might still have.
Unfortunately, we do not ship International at this time.